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Placenta Encapsulation


It is said that the placenta is the physical form of a baby's guardian angel and is a sacred being.  It is the only organ that the body grows during a time of need (pregnancy) and survives to see outside of the body. Throughout a person’s pregnancy, the placenta serves as the “Tree of Life” supporting and developing new life, serving as the fetus’ only source of food, blood, oxygen, and nutrients.

For centuries, the placenta has been consumed for its medicinal properties. In continuation of this tradition, I prepare the placenta using the Traditional Chinese Method which incorporates heat, by steaming and dehydrating the placenta to create capsules.

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation include:

  • Increased energy

  • Encourages increased milk supply

  • Restores iron levels and other key nutrients

  • Alleviates stress, anxiety and fatigue

  • Reduces postpartum depression and insomnia

  • Aids in postpartum healing

Package Includes: ​

  • Pick up and drop off of placenta

  • Instructions on how to use your encapsulated pills

  • Placenta Capsules

  • Placenta Tincture*

  • Umbilical Cord keepsake

Add Ons: ​

  • Placenta print art (unstained)

  • Placenta Tincture (2oz, 4oz)

Standard Placenta Package: $250

*Should you choose not to include the tincture option, the price of the placenta package is $199

** Birth doula clients receive a discount off regular placenta price

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